Sunday, April 27, 2008

Reading and notes for third test

Lighting Competition Designs

Lighting with Scott Richardson

Lighting 101 with Bill Hammond

A & T fieldtrip

reviews from the lighting competition

Group 1: Rachel W. and Melanie G.

Group 2: Maria F. and Jennifer H.

Group 3: Kuniko B. and Stacy H.

Group 4: Brooke L. and Caroline H.

Sketch 1-11th view (04/07/08)

Got to school today and my battery was dead in my camera. So I didn't get any pictures. However, the space was very dark, but visible due to the rainy weather outside.

Sketch 1-13th view (04/20/08)

A lot of shadows casted on the floor. Some casted on the walls, but the floor material (marble), just absorbs the reflection of the adjacent walls.